Being experienced yoga teachers with our own long-time practice and teaching we are pleased to make the follwing offers:


  • Active Lunch Time

30 minutes, 8-12 units, 10 participants

Several easy exercises on an office chair or in standing pose leading to stress reduction and unfolding your intuition and creativity. You can easily experience the coherence of body, mind and soul. All exercises performable in business dress.


  • Back On The Yoga Mat

60 minutes, 8-12 units, 10 participants

Classical yoga lesson on the mat in sport dress consisting of introductional relaxation, breathing, bodyworks, final relaxation.The basics of Hatha-Yoga are taught, working out your body and experience deep relaxation.


A meeting room is needed for these programs. For Active Lunch Time chairs are required.


  • Workshop Mindfulness and Yoga

1-2 days, 15 partcipants

A workshop for employees and officers in which basics of mindfulness are taught combined with yoga exercise and meditation. Daily homework is placed at disposal.

  • Health Education


Planning health management presentations in your company? We would be pleased providing support in form of a stand and practical exercises. Give it a try and see how it works.


Does this suit your concerns? In case of having special requests we can be of any more assistance. Don't hesitate to contact us.




























  • covering all costs for your employees.


→ incentive


  • allocating costs with employees contribution.


→ esteem


  • employees bearing all costs.


→ optional refund by health insurance if guidelines prevention are fulfilled.


We would be pleased to submit an appropriate offer.

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