Business Yoga At Your Company

Our comprehension of Business Yoga

If your image of yoga so far consisted of sweat drained mats, flexibility, incense and abstinent life, you will be pleased hearing that yoga can be quite different.


Business Yoga is based on the principles of ancient India's classical yoga. It's nowadays approach that you don't have to adapt yourself to yoga but the other way round: adapt yoga to your own needs.


Business Yoga supports work-life-balance and serves your demand for stress compensation.




YEAH stands for


Y - Yoga


E - encompassing relaxation and proper diet


A - attention (mindfulness) and breathing


H - here and now …




Our Self-Concept:

For people. From people. With people.



Your benefits

  • increase of employer's attractiveness
  • satiesfied and motivated contributors
  • deeper commitment of your employees
  • costumized applicable within PPP – problem's easement, prevention und progression of one's potential
  • increasing health's awareness and personal responsibility of employees
  • re-balancing complex team settings for example after reorganization and structural changes


Workplace health promotion

Meanwhile there are more than 3000 scientific researches. All researches conclude that workplace health promotion prevents increased numbers of staff ill. Yoga maintains health because it reduces stress and makes for well-balanced people.


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